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Jobs / Praktikumsplätze


Become a driving instructor at the most famous English-speaking driving school in Berlin!

Do you fancy a very varied and flexible job? You are communicative, patient, you like to explain things. You are curious about other people and cultures? You love to speak english or other languages?

Maybe you are already a driving instructor in Germany and are looking for a new driving school in Berlin? Then come and join our friendly team! We look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you personally.

We welcome you! — Join us now! Best chances. Good salary. Flexible working time . For experienced driving instructors or those who would like to become one with our help.

Join our team in Berlin in a permanent position at Oscar, The English Driving School. Ideally you are already a driving instructor for class BE (car) and optionally for class A (motorbike).

We also train interested candidates as driving instructors in practical training!

In cooperation with driving instructor training centres in Berlin, we show you how to become a driving instructor and accompany you with our 3 experienced training driving instructors after the theoretical training in practice up to your driving instructor exam.

The theoretical training

During your 8‑month theoretical training to become a driving instructor in the BE category (car), you will be prepared by well-trained instructors at the driving instructor training centre.

The driving instructor training is always held in full-day courses. The course content is divided into traffic behaviour, pedagogy, technology, law, environmental protection and practical driving.

The practical training

The training always begins with the driving instructor course class BE (passenger car driving instructor). This is the so-called “basic course” on which everything else builds.

After you have passed the professional examinations, you will receive your temporary driving instructor’s licence class BE.

Now you can get started. This licence allows you to start the practical driving instructor training (internship) at our Oscar driving school.

You are now a temporary driving instructor, because this driving instructor’s licence is limited to two years. After a temporary preparation (hospitation), you will start to train driving students independently, give theoretical lessons and successfully lead your students to their driving tests.

The practical training is completed by the teaching tests/examination. After passing the examinations/teaching tests, you will receive your permanent driving instructor’s licence for the following years.

Why become a driving instructor? Future prospects?

The profession of driving instructor is more in demand than ever. Because there is an acute shortage of competent personnel.

The reasons for this are:

  • – Demographic change — more and more driving instructors will retire in the next few years.
  • – Many driving instructors work part-time in a part-time job.

The times are perfect for your entry into the driving instructor profession! The career opportunities are better than ever and we can guarantee you a job with us.

The training is also subsidised by the employment office.

In addition, there are further financing possibilities

The activities of a driving instructor go far beyond the theory and practical lessons that the student attends.

Creativity, friendliness, pedagogical skills and organisational talent are important qualities that a driving instructor should possess.

This is because he organises the driving lessons from the timetable to the route to be driven. He plans the theory lessons and uses technical innovations, modern media and models to convey the theoretical knowledge to his students in the best possible way.

In practice, the driving instructor familiarises his students with the vehicle and trains them in important manoeuvres in road traffic, such as safe braking, parking, manoeuvring with the car or driving on uneven ground with the motorbike.

With his expertise, he assesses the students’ learning progress and decides whether they are ready for the test. However, the contact with the students is particularly interesting and varied. For they range from 18-year-old trainees to elderly ladies. Dealing with people of all colours requires empathy and agility — especially in the head. And that’s the beauty, because in hardly any other profession do you have to deal with so many different people. That keeps you young and alive!

In addition, you have the opportunity to have a lasting influence on these people’s driving behaviour and thus contribute to safer road traffic.

Part-time work and a responsible position are easily compatible as a driving instructor — a factor that makes the profession particularly family-friendly. For those who want responsibility and flexibility, the driving instructor profession is the perfect choice. The driving instructor profession is perfect for people who, despite flexibility and family-friendliness, do not want to give up a responsible position.

Thanks to technical innovations, the driving instructor profession is constantly developing and combines interesting as well as responsible areas of responsibility.

Numerous opportunities for further training ensure that there are always new challenges and areas of responsibility.

  • -Road safety trainer,
  • – Lecturer for the initial and further training of professional drivers,
  • ASF facilitator,
  • – mobility or MPU advisor

all these are exciting fields of activity that you can open up for yourself as a driving instructor. Due to the shortage of young talent, the career opportunities for qualified driving instructors are excellent.

Women are especially in demand, because only about 10% of driving instructors are female, but among learner drivers the figure is 50%.

If you have a command of a frequently encountered foreign language such as Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish or English, you have the best chances of doing well on the job market as a driving instructor.

Minimum age 21 — Mental/physical/character aptitude (doctor/VZR)-.

Completed vocational training or equivalent previous education (e.g. German Abitur)- Previous possession of driving licence class B min. 3 years- Appropriate driving licence for the desired driving instructor licence classes.

The future prospects of the driving instructor profession

Entry requirements for the driving instructor training course

The job market for driving instructors is excellent. Many candidates already have a job before the end of their training. Numerous additional qualifications offer the best prerequisites for a broad positioning on the market.

The driving instructor training class BE (basic course) takes place under the legal framework conditions of the Driving Instructor Act and lasts 12 months (1 year). It is divided into three phases:

Phase 1:

Introduction & Orientation (1 month) The introduction month serves to get to know the structure of the driving instructor training and the organisational process of a driving school.

The first and last week take place at the driving instructor training school.

The second and third weeks of the introductory month are completed at a training driving school and provide initial insights into theoretical and practical driving school training.

Phase 2:

Theoretical training and job shadowing (7 months) This phase includes the school-based training at our driving instructor training centre. The first part of the test, the practical driving test for class BE, takes place during this training phase. In the 5th month, the training at the driving instructor training centre is interrupted for a (one-week) observation phase at the training driving school. This is to compare the theoretical knowledge acquired up to that point with the training procedures in practice.

Phase 3:

Training internship and reflection (4 months)

In the last training phase, the 4‑month practical training takes place in the training driving school (here at the Oscar driving school).

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