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Jennie recession: Oscar Fahrschule is a fantastic  english driving schoo to get your driver licence. The theory classes are informative and sturctured, while the practical lessons are very thorough. During practical lessons, the instructors make sure you get to practise all the finer points of driving until you are comfortable with the maneuvers. And they do it in an encouraging and motivational way — very important when you’re nervous as a first-time driver 😉 The staff are also friendly and accommodating when booking lessons and answering inquiries. All in all, I would highly recommend this school!

job offer for driving instructor / internship position


Driving schools are now also affected by the lockdown.

From Monday 11.01.2021 until 31.01.2021 the driving school is completely closed. There is a ban on training. We will post what happens after that on our website! Please wear masks and stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from the Oscar Driving School Team

During the lockdown reachable in the home office: Phone 015 73 45 29 777   Mon-Fri.10.00-13.00 16.00-19.00


Open: Monday-Thursday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm.  Friday 11.30 am – 5.30 pm

Attention: On Facebook, driving licenses are fraudulently offered for sale in the name of the driving school Oscar. We have nothing to do with this forbidden fake offer and dissociate ourselves explicitly. Please report any victims to the police immediately. MfG Oscar

Hello World, hello to Everybody.
Now is the right time to get  a new driver licence or convert your driver licence in the english driving school in Berlin. Get informations, register for practical english driving lesson. Make a reservation for the english theory course. You should bring your own mask to the english driving  practice and english theory lessons.

Theory lesson in English: 

Evening   Monday and Wednesday  starting 7.00 pm.

Morning   New: also available now Tuesday and Thursday morning starting 8.30 am till 10.00 am. This course starts at the 23.1.2021 till 11.03.2021.

Weekend  Saturday ( starting 10.00 am till 1.00 pm).

Please register for the english theory course right in time.

Important/News: Because of Corona the safty distance allows only a limited amount of students in the english theory classes. We offer extra english theory on Saturday  at 10.00 am till 1.00 pm. So you will have also two themes in english per week. Please note the english theory classes cannot be combined. Please tell us which time for the english theory do you prefere.

Greetings from Oscar

In the English Driving School Berlin you can enjoy your development in driving a motorcycle ( Sorry but this year the courses for motorcycles are booked out ) or a car such as manual or automatic.It is the right time to start. We like to  share the fun teaching how to learn to drive  a motorcycle or  a car. We make you  successful to get a new driverlicence or to convert your driverlicence into a german driverlicence.

We offfer Theory and Practice in English.

Enjoy the english course with  other people of all nations. The only english theory course  for your driver licence in town that way. You can choose between Automatic and Manual Car (Class B). Motorcycle (Class A). More  information you find below or call us soon.

Join us now if you like to get your motorcycle driver´s license befor winter.

You’re on the look for a driving school in Berlin that offers driving lessons in english? No need to look any further: Oscar is the place to go. Fahrschule Oscar is a well-known and experienced english driving school in Berlin that has specialised in tutoring international driving students. Due to the high demand of students and the lack of other english speaking driving schools, Oscar has become one of the most popular contact points for driving lessons in english.

How to Decide Between So Many Driving Schools in Berlin

Berlin has a high density of driving schools. There seems to be one on every corner in every part of the town. This leads to an important question: How are you supposed to decide which is the right driving school Berlin?

Answering this question isn’t as easy as it may seem because everybody has individual needs.

Fahrschule Oscar is the most experienced english driving school in Berlin that knows how to fulfill a wide variety of expectations and offers a very individual approach when teaching. After getting to know each other, you will be matched with a suitable

driving teacher who’s competence will allow the right tutoring for your needs.

english driving school Berlin
Big fun for motorcycle starts here from 155 cm The english driving school Berlin

Your English Driving School in Berlin? Fahrschule Oscar of Course!

Learning how to drive is a big step in your life. Let The  English Driving school Oscar in Berlin help you make this step and lead you to your drivers license. The professional english driving school for Berlin is the perfect starting point for your journey and will offer you an english speaking, individual service that fits your needs and meets your expectations.


Don’t hesitate to call or visit us for further information – our friendly english speaking team will help you with all relevant topics.

The English driving school Berlin offers driving licence for motorcycle, car with manual and automatic. Visit the driving school  Oscar – The English driving school Berlin – and let us convince you of our quality teaching.

Our english driving school in Berlin (Schöneberg / Steglitz )helps to get you licensed for driving a motorcycle or car (manual or automatic ),

offering you a relaxed and calm learning environment with very patient driving instructors who will be happy to adapt to your learning patterns!

Theory and practical training is complete in english.

motorcycle trip with the english driving school Berlin
Expedition with the english driving school Berlin. Our mandatory motorcycle trip is a guarantee of fun and improvement of your lerning skills

Also books and your  ONLINE LERNING CENTER in english ( + 13 other language, such as spanish, frensh, arabicis ……are  available to pass the tests. If you like you can take part in a free theory lesson to get us know  better. We have a lot of experience with people  from  all  over  the  world  and would  be happy to  advise  you  in  all  matters  regarding  a  german  driving  license. Feel free to contact us in our office

Schöneberg :  Hauptstrasse 92 12159 Berlin

english driving school Berlin
Mercedes GLA it is just fun. The best …..you test yourself the english driving school Berlin

 Best regards the staff of English Driving School Oscar

Some general information: 

it is important to distinguish between the process with the goverment and the english driving school

1.) goverment: to start your drivers licence, such as beginner or converting your licence into a german drivers licence,  you need
    • first aid course, (takes place in the Driving school)
    • biometric picture (takes place in the Driving school)
    • eyetest (takes place in the Driving school)
    • passport
  • together 50,00 € cash for the course, picture, eyetest

these things you take with you and 

the english driving school oscar in berlin

get an appointment at the “ Bürgeramt „. ( by phone or personel or internet)
have a look here      https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/121627/
here you need:
    • the registration confirmation from the place you live
    • name and details of the driving school,
    • which license: B( car) or B automatic, A (Motorcycle)
    • passport
  • 50 €
After 6-12 weeks you will get an confirmation from the Bürgeramt.
Now you can do:
    • First the theorytest (Price by the Tüv: 22,49 €)
  • Second the practical exam (Price by the Tüv: 91,75 €) (TÜV/Dekra).

2.)  in the english driving school oscar:

Here you can start immediately.

There are 14 theory lessons per 90 minutes, necessary only for beginner. It is all complete in english.

Joining all lessons it will take 7 weeks. Meanwhile you should start to prepare your theory exam. The theorytest has to be done first. Never underestimate the process of lerning. There are more than 1000 questions you have to go through. If you are busy to lern every day one our, it will take minimum one month. In the theorytest they will ask you 30 questions. Maximum 10 minuspoints are allowed.

We offer the theory  in english on Monday and Wednesday  starting  7:00 pm- 8:30 pm.

Beside you can start immediately with practical lessons. We will organise this with you in a continuously timetable

Available for the preparation the theory examen:

  • An App = multiply choice test in english
  • a book in english, necessary for the background such as signs


the staff of the english driving school oscar

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