What do I need to get a drivers licence?

To get your drivers licence, such as a beginner or

converting (= needs to be in English or translatet)  your licence

into a german drivers licence, 

you need:

  1. first aid course, (takes place in the Driving school)
  2. biometric picture (in the first aid course, )
  3. eyetest (in the first aid course, )
  4. passport
  5. 50,00 € cash for the course, picture, eyetest

the english driving school oscar in berlin

these things you take  and 

get an appointment at any “ Bürgeramt „.by:
  • phone 
  • personel
  • internet)   https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/121627/
at the Bürgeramt you need further:
  • the registration confirmation from the place you live
  • name and details of the driving school,
  • which license: B( car) or B automatic, A (Motorcycle)
  • passport
  • 50 €
After 6-12 weeks you will get the  confirmation from the Bürgeramt.
From now on you can do:
  • First the theorytest 
  • After that we can plan the practical exam
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